Powerchord Episode February 16, 2013

Powerchord on 16-Feb-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Reece hosts his first show at Powerchord. Please let him know what you think at https://www.facebook.com/powerchordradiocanada or Tweet your comments to him @madcitr Thanks for listening!!

Track Listing:

point of no return
havok · point of no return ep
Post Mortem/Reign in blood Slayer Cover
Havok · Point of No Return EP
threat signal · threat signal
archspire · all shall reign
spurn the outstretched hand
revocation · teratogenesis
i failed you
kittie · i failed you
the agonist · prisoners
voivod · target earth
the great wall
sacrifice · the ones i condemn
the antichrist
destruction · thrash till death
pleasure to kill
kreator · pleasure to kill
dismantle the dictator
revocation · Existence Is Futile'
the line always snaps
Dysrhythmia · test of submission
Russian Circles · empros
Arm Yourself
Profugus Mortis · So It Begins
Storming Juno
3 Inches of Blood · Long Live Heavy Metal
Voodoo Queen
Iron Kingdom · Curse of the Voodoo Queen
creeping flesh
face breaker · infected
cataclysmic purification
suffocation · Blood Oath
invincible force
impiety · two majesties
anthem rush cover
anthrax · worship music special edition
juggernaught of justice
anvil · juggernaught of juustice