Powerchord Episode February 2, 2013

Powerchord 02-Feb-2013

1:06pm - 3:00pm

Checking out heavy tunes from a number of upcoming live shows as well as new local bands. Including tracks from Darkthrone, Pallbearer, 3 Inches of Blood, Anciients and Cannibal Corpse among others...

Track Listing:

Leave No Cross Unturned
Darkthrone · The Underground Resistance
Embers and Revelations
Weapon · Embers and Revelations
Mitochondrion · Parasignosis
State of Non-Return
Om · Advaitic Songs
Enslaved · RIITIIR
Pallbearer · Sorrow and Extinction
Royal Thunder · CVI
Metal Woman
3 Inches of Blood · Long Live Heavy Metal
Death to the Architects of Heaven
Goatwhore · Blood For The Master
Madness of an Architect
High on Fire · De Vermis Mysteriis
Among the Living
Anthrax · Among the Living
Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Exodus · Hammer and Life
Wolves of Chernobyl
Municipal Waste · Massive Aggressive
Abriosis · Vessel EP
Think Tank Breed
Baptists · Bushcraft
Raise the Sun
Anciients · Heart of Oak
Scourge of Iron
Cannibal Corpse · Torture
On the Brink of Extinction
Napalm Death · Time Waits for No Slave