Powerchord Episode January 12, 2013

Broadcast on 12-Jan-2013

1:01pm - 1:01pm

It was all a misunderstanding,that spurned his exit at the end of 2012. But it's a New year & "Metal Ron" has returned to the show he co-created, so it's back to the business of busting eardrums once again!!! Today's show was his annual top 10's , top releases of last year!! (So much good stuff , that part 2 will be continued next week!)

So, Volume on 11, and start that mosh pit in your living room!!!!!

10.Tankard-A Girl Called Cerveza-(Rapid Fire -A Tyrants Elegy)
9.Dublin Death Patrol-Death Sentence-(Mind Sewn Shut)
8.Kreator-Phantom Antichrist-(Death to The World)
7.Corrosion of Conformity-Self Titled-(The Doom) & Meglodon EP
6.Paradox-Tales of The Weird-(Brutalized)
5.Destruction-Spiritual Genocide-(No Signs Of repentance)
4.Testament-Dark Roots of The Earth-(Man kills Mankind)
3.Angelwitch-As Above, So Below-(Geburah)
2.Accept-Stalingrad-(Flash to Bang Time)
1.Overkill-Electric Age-All Over But the Shouting)
Anciients-Snakebeard ep-(The Humanist)
Terrifier-Destroyers of The Faith-(destroyers of The Faith)
Into Eternity-Fukushima single-(Fukushima)
Rage-21-(Forever Dead)
Picture-Warhorse(Killer in My Sights)
Angelus Apatrida-The Call-(It's Rising)
Tantara-Based on Evil-(Based on Evil)

Track Listing:

rapid fire (a tyrants elegy)
tankard · a girl called cerveza
mind sewn shut
dublin death patrol · death sentence
dead to the world
kreator · phontom antichrist
the doom
corrosion of conformity · self titled
paradox · tales of the weird
no sign of repentence
destruction · spiritual genocide
man kills mankind
testament · dark roots of the earth
angelwitch · as above so below
flash to bang time
accept · stalingrad
all over but the shouting
overkill · electric age
anciients · snakebeard ep
destroyers of the faith
terrifier · destroyers of the faith
into eternity · fukushima single
forever dead
rage · 21
the stronger
loudness · 2-0-1-2
killer in my sights
picture · warhorse
its rising
angelus apatrida · the call
based on evil
tantara · based on evil