Powerchord Episode October 1, 2011

Broadcast on 01-Oct-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

After two weeks of sports pre-emptions, "Metal Ron" is in the solo seat providing a catch up on the barrage of new Metal
albums released in september!!
feast your eardrums on new 'Loudness", "Mastodon", "Opeth", "Meliah Rage", "Arch Matheos", "Evile", "Eldritch" and the list goes on and on......!!
2 hours Just wasn't long enough to play it all and now that we're starting the month of October there is more to come!!!
This is proving to be quite the year for metal!! SO CRANK UP THE VOLUME,SIT BACK,& WATCH THE PLASTER FLY OFF THE WALLS!!!

Track Listing:

in dreams of terror
evile · five sepents teeth
octopus has no friends
mastodon · the hunter
days of rage
iced earth · dystopia
loudness · eve to dawn
any given day (strangers like me)
arch matheos · sypathetic resonace
lines in my hand
opeth · heritage
build me up break me down
dream theater · a dramatic turn of events
like a child
eldritch · gaia's legacy
feast for the wolves
generation hate · red, white & blood
the giant
anthrax · worship music
awaken sorrow
meliah rage · dead to the world
enemies of the state
warbringer · worlds torn asunder
sabaton · coat of arms
cruel hands
blackguard · firefight
let it feed
ronny monroe · lords of the edge advance track.
this is the end
machine head · unto the locust
death dealer · coercion to kill