Powerchord Episode August 20, 2011

Broadcast on 20-Aug-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Just Check it OUT!!! OR you will truly regret it, walk with us to the dark side.

Track Listing:

Conceived into Enslavement
Dying Fetus · Descend into Depravity
The Shifting Equilibrium
Psycroptic · ob(servant)
The Ripper
13th Prophet · self titled
Without Mercy · Self Titled
Prey For Death
Warbringer · Waking Into Nightmares
Daughters/Nothing Left to Taste
Cradle to Grave · Texas Medicine
Me and My Liver
13th Prophet · Self Titled
Exit/through Carved Stones
Gorgoroth · Twilight of the Idols
Platonic Disease
Obituary · Back from the Dead
Vital Fluids
Mortification · Post momentary affliction
As Above so Below
Behemoth · Here and Beyond
Silenced Thoughts
13th Prophet · Self Titled
Slaughtering the will to live
Bloodbath · fathomless Mastery
Where the Ocean Meets the Sky
First Reign · As the Dead lead the Dead
Slithering into Exile
Tyrants Blood · Crushing Onward into oblivion
Saxon King
13th Prophet · self titled
We rule the Fucking Land
Zimmer's Hole · While you were shouting at the devil we were in lead with satan