Powerchord Episode August 13, 2011

Broadcast on 13-Aug-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Metal Ron breaks his convention of playing the 'now", and gives you a show playing the then. Taking you back to the by -gone era of the 80's & 90's in sets by country , with just a smattering of current and new and have fun with it.
This molton playlist from past included such classic bands as,
"Holocaust", "Malice", "Living Death", "Jaguar" & more, plus some
great new Canadian dities as locals "Ancients" & new "Into Eternity". So dust off those wristbands and BANG THOSE HEADS!!!

Track Listing:

deat h or glory
holocaust · live hot curry & wine
jaguar · power games
puppet regime
pariah · blaze of obscurity
blood money · battlescared
midas kniight
savatage · sirens/dungeons are..
captive of light
malice · metal massacre 1
fight or fall
riot · thundersteel
don't call me dude
scatterbrain · here comes trouble
grippin a heart
living death · metal revolution
shout and cry
mad max · rollin thunder
cry for freedom
helloween · debut ep
built to die
ancients · ep 2011
into eternity · adv tk 2011
devin townsend · deconstruction
mortillery · demo
misguided fortune
flotsam and jetsam · no place to disgrace
double bang
h-bomb · attaque
hit the lights
metallica · metal massacre 1
hit the wall
adrenaline mob · ep