Powerchord Episode August 6, 2011

Broadcast on 06-Aug-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

On a hot summer day here in July, METAL RON sweated it out in the stuffy studio, (not letting an early technical gremlin detour him), cranking out some classic METAL like "Trouble", "Coroner", "Metal Church", and lots of new treats as new 'Mastodon", "Opeth", "Evile" and not forgetting the CANADIAN onslaught of Mortillery, classic Razor, "Into Eternity: and a whole lot more!!! WHO NEEDS A DEMOLITION CREW WHEN POWERCHORD CAN DO THE JOB WITH A TWIST OF THE VOLUME CONTROL!!! enjoy!

Track Listing:

revelation life
trouble · psalm 9
black tounge
mastodon · the hunter adv tk
eternal empire
evile · seven serpents adv tk
living weapon
warbringer · worlds torn asunder adv tk
the devil's orchard
opeth · thre heritage adv tk
my own saviour
iced earth · festivals of the wicked
in the silence with my scars
communic · conspiracy of mind
let it out
jag panzer · scourge of the light
death · the sound of perseverance
pale sister
coroner · mntal vortex
the brave
metal church · metal massacre 5
legions of destruction
angel dust · into the dark past
into eternity · dead or dreaming
fritz's cellar
mortillery · murder death kill
cross me fool/cut throat
razor · evil invaders
flotsam and jetsam · the cold
hate worldwide
tornado · amsterdam hellsinki
march of the syncophantsa
exodus · exhibit b: the human condition