Powerchord Episode July 16, 2011

Broadcast on 16-Jul-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Todays show M.M.M. & M.R. present a brief tribute to the recently passed " Michael "Wurzel" Bursten, as well as, a buncha Canadian & local bands, like
"First Reign", "Galagamex",
Mortillery, Skullhammer, plus molten mouthfuls of Sepultura,
new bands "Headshot', "Armor Column", "Megarhera" & more...
feel that Metal seeping into those pores, and enjoy!!

Track Listing:

just one fix
sepultura · kairos
headshot · sychroncity
motorhead · no remorse
motorhead · no remorse
trivuim · Ember to Inferno
deadmans chest
parkway drive · Horizons
Father Time
texas in july · i am
fatality · demo 2011
welcome to camp blood
skullhammer · Demo
without weapons
mortillery · Demo
Slaves to Substance
Suicide Silence · The Black Crown
War Is Hell
Toxic Holocaust · Evil Never Dies
Built to Die
Ancients · Demo
This Ghost of Ours
First Reign · As the Dead Lead the Dead
Freelance Embalmer
Galgamex · Demo
Depressing · Demo