Powerchord Episode July 2, 2011

Broadcast on 02-Jul-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Metal Ron a show for the varied metal palet..live running wild, angel witch, dublin death patrol, new dream theater,
symphony x, mastodon,i.n.c.,old abattoir, forte, etc...
a varatible feat of heaviness. CRANK IT!!

Track Listing:

evil by design
in malices wake · the thrashering
god loves violence
i.n.c. · heaven sent..hellbound
stronger than evil
abattoir · vicious attack
hot summer
channel zero · feed em with a brick
under jolly roger live
running wild · final jolly roger
they wouldn't dare
angelwitch · angel of death live eat anglia rock fest
ten thousand strong live
iced earth · festivals of the damned
born loser
elixir · live
on the backs of angels
dream theater · adv tk
the sheltering
empyria · demo 2011
heal me
forte · destructive
unatural causes
dublin death patrol · ddp
mastodon · leftover tk from crack the skye
black metal
venom · black metal
as the world burns
sacrifice · soldiers of misfortune
cavalera conspiracy · blunt force trauma