Powerchord Episode June 25, 2011

Broadcast on 25-Jun-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

More Metal for your already burnt out eardrums!
Andy Grotesque and Metal Ron serve up a heaping helping of the heaviness like Anthrax, iced earth, hate eternal, origin, &
local band "kymatica" drops by to plug an upcoming show, and play some of the others on the bill, as well, Andy does a tribute
to fallen A.C. vocalist "Seth Putnam"

Track Listing:

fight em til can't
anthrax · adv tk "worship music"
tonight you've got it made
trojan · chasing the storm
iced earth · festivals of the wicked
concieving death
origin · entity
the art of redemption
hate eternal · phoenix amongst the ashes
legion of the damned · descent into chaos
Kymatica · demo
Kymatica · demo
Alone Against Rome · demo
Terminally Ill
Executioner · The Storm After the Calm
Delicious Face Style
Anal Cunt · Top 40 Hits
Into the Oven
Anal Cunt · It Just Gets Worse
Hot Girls on the Road
Anal Cunt · Fuckin' A