Powerchord Episode May 28, 2011

Broadcast on 28-May-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

For the first time ever, the Mistress of Metal and Metal Ron join forces to group together their excitement and love for metal.
A great show full of metal knowledge and laughter.
With an off the wall set this is a can't miss show.
Set includes great tunes by Anvil, Sepultura, Deep Purple, Storm Warriors, Otep, City of Fire, local Vancouver band Cradle to Grave, Dio, Black Sabbath, Hatriot and so much more.

Track Listing:

Teh code
The Rods · Vengence
Dehuminaizer remaster
Black Sabbath · After All Live
Straight through the heart
Dio · Live at Dawnington
Child In Time
Deep Purple · Deep Purple In Rock
Bloode for Bloode
Storm Warrior · Heathen Warrior
Thorns in my flesh
Arch Enemy · Chaos Legence
Mechanics of Annihilation
Hatriot · Demo 2011
Otep · Atavist
Five Years of Fire
Cradle to Grave · Cradle to Grave
Carve your name
City of Fire · City of Fire
On Fire
Anvil · Juggernaut of Justice
Toe Jam
Anvil · Pound for Pound
Convicted in life
Sepultura · Dante XXI
Evil Within
Bonded by Blod · Feed the Beast
Splintered Visions
Into Eternity · Buried into Oblivion