Powerchord Episode May 21, 2011

Broadcast on 21-May-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Featuring music by the bands from the Powerchord 25th Anniversary show, plus a whole bunch more!

Track Listing:

Weopans of Class Destruction
Hatriot · demo 2011
Denying the Soul
Injury · Unleash the Violence
Vengeance is Mine
Arch Enemy · Khaos Legions
Over Reaction
Voivod · Warriors
Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
Hate Eternal · Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
All that Rots
Impaled · Choice Cuts
Rest in Pieces
Atrophy · Socialized Hate
Auroch · myspace.com/theauroch
Warrior's Anthem
Scythia · .... of War
Hell Knows My Name
Scissortooth · myspace.com/scissortoothband
Pestilence · Doctrine
Women in Leather
Mortal Sin · Mayemic Destruction
Children of Bodom · Relentless Reckless Forever
Tides of Doom
Titan's Eve · The Devine Equal
Counting the Numbers
Magnus Rising · www.magnusrising.com
Widow of Opportunity...
Woods of Ypres · Woods IV The Green Album
Feed the Beast
Bonded by Blood · Feed the Beast
Washing Away the Blood
Detonation · Reprisal