Powerchord Episode May 7, 2011

Broadcast on 07-May-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Sepultura · Chos
Repudiate The Lies
Abriosis · Tattered And Bound
Where Next to Conquor
Bolt Thrower · The IVth Crusade
The Art of Impalement
Torture Killer · Sewers
War of The Dead
Fleshcrawl · Structures of Death
Scarlet Rapture
Abriosis · TAB
False Prophet
Birds of Prey · The Hellpreacher
Born by fire
Anote Eternal · King of All Kings
Flesh and the Power it holds
Death · The Sound of Perserverance
Abriosis · TAB
Pit of zombies
Cannibal · Gore Obsessed
Dance to the songof apathy
Anata · Under a Stone with no Inscription
Between the Bridge and the Water
Abriosis · TAB
Meshuggah · Chaosphere
When the War Comes
Aeon · Rise to Dominate
Eye of the Raven Mind of the Owlf
Abriosis · TAB
Abraxas of Filth
Cephalic Carnage · Misled by certainty