Powerchord Episode April 9, 2011

Broadcast on 09-Apr-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

The Mistress of Metal shares some laughs and listens to some great metal tunes with local metal band Without Mercy. Without Mercy is storming the local Vancouver Metal Scene with female vocalist Alxs Ness, who, yes, can belt it out better than most men. Guitarist DJ, Drummer Matt and Bassist Dallas are all equally as talented, this is truly a band you don't want to miss, as they are going places fast. Special guest Mayo from the Invisible Orange, who is bringing wicked metal shows to the west coast, also drops in to chat and share some wisdom. This is a can't miss show!

Track Listing:

Will of A Demon
Baptized In Blood · Baptized in Blood
I smell like Death
Carnal Forge · Firedemon
Dead and Martyred
Divine Empire · Doomed to Inherit
Death Remains
Without Mercy · WM
The Forsaken · Traces of the past
in between the sheets
glass casket · we are gathered here today
Without Mercy · WM
Death Angel · Killing Season
Lethal Halo · LH
The End's In Sight
Malice Plagued · MP
Fail to exist
God Dethroned · The toxic touch
Without Mercy · WM
Rise to Power
Monstrosity · rise to power
Nevermore · Dead Heart to a Dead World
The Treatment
Sepultura · Kairos
Without Mercy · WM
Dreaming the End
Neuraxis · The Thin Line Between
Suicide Cargoload
Woods of Ypres · The Green Album