Powerchord Episode February 26, 2011

Broadcast on 26-Feb-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

New and old, thrash, power... It's all good!

Track Listing:

Onslaught · Sounds of VIolence
Until Your Dying Breath
Axenstar · Aftermath
Lord of the Flies
Legion of the Damned · Descent into Chaos
Here Today Guano Tomorrow
Dayglo Abortions · Stupid World, Stupid
Dead to Rights
DevilDriver · Beast
Drink for Satan
Executioner · Arrival of the Executioner
BecomBloaing the Demon
Titans Eve · The Devine Equal
The Trooper
Stryper · The Covering
Just One More and I Was Gonna Quit
Bloated Pig · s/t
slayer · reign in blood
Cross Me Fool
Razor · Live in Toronto 1985
I Confess
Cauldron · Burning Fortune
Skull Fist · Heavier Than Metal
Release from Agony
Destruction · Release from Agony
Nailed to the Cross
Destruction · The Antichrist
Dealer of Hostility
Destruction · Inventor of Evil
Hate is My Fuel
Destruction · Day of Reckoning
Emerald Sun · Regeneration
Pap Smear · myspace.com
Canadian Metal
Darkthrone · FOAD
Call to Arms
Jag Panzer · The Scouge of Light
Forever Enslaved
Sacrifice · Forward to Termination