Powerchord Episode February 12, 2011

Broadcast on 12-Feb-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

New tunes by: Onslaught, Toxic Smile, Heavenfall, Stryper, Crowbar...

Track Listing:

Angel of Death
Thin Lizzy · Renegade
Soul of Steel · Destiny
My Last Attack
Holy Grail · Crisis in Utopia
Ten Years of My Life
Demonlord · Only the Dead are Safe
Dream of Mirrors
Heavenfall · 7 Sins
Die Young
Black Sabbath · Fubar II Sound Track
Heaven and Hell
Stryper · The Covering
Liquid Wall
Toxic Smile · I'm Your Saviour
Titan's Eve · The Devine Equal
Code Black
Onslaught · Sounds of Violence
Hang in Agony Until You're Dead
Deicide · To Hell with God
Blind Saviour
Kataklysm · Heaven's Venom
Dormant Misery
Gorguts · The Erosion of Sanity
Goat Horn · Storming the Gates
Beneath What You See
Sacrifice · Apocalypse Inside
For My Family
Agnostic Front · Warriors
Cuando Estalle La Rebelion
Osamenta · Subersivo
Scared of People/Acting Like Black Sabbath
Dayglo Abortions · Stupid World Stupid Songs
The Cemetary Angels
Crowbar · Sever the Wicked Hand