Powerchord Episode February 5, 2011

Broadcast on 05-Feb-2011

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Enjoy some heavy tunes from Baptized in Blood, Old Man's Child, Withered Earth and Decapitated.

Track Listing:

Baptized in Blood · Baptized in Blood
Grave · Soulless
Splintered Visions
Into Eternity · Buried In Oblivion
The Exquisite Machinery of Torture
Meshuggah · Chaosphere
Made to Measure
My Ruin · The Horror of Beauty
Narcissus · Crave and Collapse
Enemies of Reality
Nevermore · Enemies of Reality
The Crimson Meadows
Old Man's Child · Slaves of the World
Scenes of Extended Peril
Viatrophy · Viatrophy
Remains of unfruitful Existence
Withered Earth · Into the Deepest
The Absence · Riders of The Plague
The Smoke
Fallen Decade · Under No God
Mandatory Suicide
Decapitated · Winds of Creation
Morgoth · Cursed
Now Diabolical
Satyricon · Now Diabolica
Shallow Skin
Thine Eyes Bleed · Thine Eyes Bleed
Eluveitie · Everything Remains as it never was
Atrocious by Nature
Dying Fetus · Descend Into Dpravity
Grind Planetarium
Mortification · Post Momentary affliction
call of the hammer
3 inches of blood · here waits thy doom
Nightmare Anatomy
Warbringer · Waking into Nightmares