Powerchord Episode October 9, 2010

Broadcast on 09-Oct-2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Not just rockin' tunes, also some crazy tunes by HATEBEAK (a parrot is the lead singer), CANINUS (dog lead vocals), cover of the Simpsons theme by POWERGLOVE. Plus your usual dose new and old METAL!!

Track Listing:

Fight Fire With Fire
Metallica · Six Feet Down Under
Ecuaddorians in Dissassociate T-Shirts
Caninus · Wolfpig
Feral Bird
Hatebeek · Bird Seeds of Vengence
The Simpsons
Powerglove · Saturday Morning Apocalypse
Love Shack
Acid Drinkers · Fishdick Zwei
You Better Shoot Me
Acid Drinkers · Amazing Atomic Activity
Fear in the Sky
Charred Walls of the Damned · s/t
Speed of Sound
Halford · Made of Metal
Crucify Me
Bring me the Horizon · There is A Hell Believe Me...
Losing Grip
Alpha & Omega · Life Swallower
In Death Comes Great Silence
Abigail Williams · In the Abscense of Light
Drip of Sin
Bloated Pig · s/t
City of Damnation
Razor · Executioners Song
Nowhere Fast
Razor · Evil Invaders
Cross Me Fool
Razor · Evil Invaders
A Soulless God
Kataklysm · Heaven's Venom
The Other Side
Annihilator · s/t
Dead Brain Cells · s/t
Sign of the Warrior
Skull Fist · Heavier Than Metal
Bad Dream
Rattus · Stolen Life
Raise the Noise
Helloween · Are You Metal?
Absence of Light
Death Angel · Relentless Retribution
Grave Digger · The Clans Will Rise Again