Powerchord Episode September 11, 2010

Broadcast on 11-Sep-2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Iron Maiden, Skull Fist, Megadeth, Slayer, Rainbow, Witchery... a total mix of mostly newer metal with some old thrown in for good measure.

Track Listing:

Long Live Rock N Roll
Rainbow · Long Live Rock N Roll
Holy Wars.. The Punishment Due
Megadeth · Rust in Peace: Live
Anarchy in the UK
Megadeth · So Far So Good So What
Beauty Through Order
Slayer · World Painted Blood
Raining Blood
Slayer · Reign in Blood
Witchery · Witchkreig
Be Quick or Be Dead
Angelus Apatrida · Clockwork
25 Seonds
Annihilator · s/t
Abadden · Sentenced to Death
Metallica · Kill 'Em All
Two Day Booze
Bison · Dark Ages
The Talisman
Iron Maiden · The Final Frontier
War is Coming
Six Feet Under · Warpath
No Mind
Shaman · Origins
No False Metal
Skull Fist · Heavier Than Metal
Gamma Ray · To the Metal
Seawitch and the Sorcerer
Kivemestsan Druidi · Century Media Summer of Metal
Hammer of the Gods
Danzig · Deth Red Sabaoth
Rotting Procession
And Hell Followed With · Proprioception
Lamb of God · Hourglass: The Anthology
New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Meshuggah · Alive
Brutal Truth · Evolution Through Revolution