Powerchord Episode July 3, 2010

Broadcast on 03-Jul-2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm

It was just a METAL good time!

Track Listing:

Pyre of Souls
Danzig · Death Red Sabaoth
Deliverance is Mine
Soilwork · The Panic Broadcast
Stressed Elephant
Bison BC · Dark Ages
Helloween · s/t
Goat Horn · Storming the Gates
Witch Hunter
Witchery · Witchkrieg
Massacre Mountain
Exciter · Thrash Speed Burn
The Sacrifice
Ascension · Alchemy
Avenged Sevenfold · Nightmare
Ramming Stone
Ankou · The Ulimate Guitar Metal Album
Feeding on Cadavers
Severe Torture · Slaughtered
White Chapel · A New Era of Corruption
A Cauldron of Hate
Cannibal Corpse · Evisceration Plague
Use Your Mind
Extreme Noise Terror · Back to the Roots
One Side One War
Angelus Apatrida · Clockwork
My Dark Place Alone
Murderdolls · My Dark Place Alone
The Death We Owe
Kingdom of Sorrow · Behind the Blackest Tear
The Crucified · Pillars of Humanity
Dead Seeds
Lamb of God · Hourglass: The Anthology
The Carrion Call
Misery Index · Heirs to Theivery
Rest in Pain
Cryptic Slaughter · Conviicted