Powerchord Episode June 19, 2010

Broadcast on 19-Jun-2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Tunes by Armored Saint, Exodus, Stormzone, Annihilator, Fear Factory... just to name a few!
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Keep on rockin'!

Track Listing:

Cold Gin
Kiss · Gold
March of the Saint
Armored Saint · March of the Saint
El Dorado
Iron Maiden · mp3
Running Free
Iron Maiden · s/t
Eyes in the Night
Striker · Eyes in the Night
Iron Gypsy · Wickley's
Razor · Violent Resitution
Cut Throat
Razor · Evil Invaders
Fear Cave
Bison · Dark Ages
Get Off The Fence
Armored Saint · La Raza
Secret Getaway
Stormzone · Death Dealer
The Great Work
Blaze of Perdition · Towards the Blaze of Perdition
Shattering the Skies
Trivium · God of War III Blood & Metal
Annihilator · s/t
Alison Hell
Annihilator · Alice in Hell
March of the Sycophants
Exodus · Exhibit B: The Human Condition
This Day We Fight
Megadeth · End Game
Shadows Fall · Retribution
Fear Factory · Mechanize
Lokrendis · demo
Faceless Disaster
Metal Requiem · Unorthodox