Powerchord Episode June 12, 2010

Broadcast on 12-Jun-2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm

New tunes, old tunes... it's all good!

Track Listing:

Clutch · Pure Rock Fury
Anguish of War/More Blood is Shed
Heresy · Never Healed
Green Jello
Morphius · split w/Accused
Se On Sota
Sotatila · Eepee
Emter the Machine
Arch Enemy · Doomsday Machine
Godsmack · The Oracle
Secret Getaway
Stormzone · Death Dealer
Treasure Chase
Voivod · Infini
Annihilator · s/t
Dead by Daw
Equinox · Auf Wiedersehen
Soldier of Misfortune
Sacrifice · Soldier of Misfortune
Lokrendis · demo
The Ballad of Leonard & Charles
Exodus · Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Into the Dark
Abadden · Sentenced to Death
Haley's Vomit
Scissortooth · s/t
Sweet Virago
Scissortooth · s/t
Fixed to the Volatile
Horde of Anachron · Aeon of Damnation
To Hell
Havok · Burn
The Final Blood Bath
Discharge · Hear Nothing See Nothing...
Every Louder Than/No Way/Moralist Pigs
Disbeer · Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers
Join the Army
Suicidal Tendencies · Join the Army
Off With Their Heads
Soulfly · Omen
Retaliation on Heaven
Lithica · Invocation of Satan Within