Powerchord Episode June 5, 2010

Broadcast on 05-Jun-2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm

This show offers a great dose of death including ear rattling tunes by bands such as Fleshgrind, Asphyx, The Foresaken and Gorguts.
ENJOY a little Darkness!!

Track Listing:

Soulfly · Conquer
False Witness
Empyria · The Long Road Home
Of Ice and Movement
Gorgoroth · Twilight of the Idols
Let me bleed
Uncooperative Death · self titled
there will be blood
Burnt by the sun · Heart of Darkness
All Else Fails
Without Mercy · self titled
The mouth of hell
Thine Eyes Bleed · self titled
Mortification · Post Momentary Affliction
The Rite of our Cross
Satyricon · Now,Diabolical
Step Ahead
Holy Moses · No Matter Whats the Cause
Epidemic of violence
Demolition Hammer · Epidemic of Violence
Monarch of Misery
Fleshgrind · The seeds of the abyss
The Forsaken · Traces of the past
Gorguts · Obscura
Asphyx · The Rack
Ways to the Grave
Bloodbath · Resurrection through carnage
Legions of the Serpent
The Faceless · Planetary Duality
The Weapon they fear
Heaven shall burn · antigone
Evil Master Mind
Krisiun · Black Force Domain
Your Children will burn
Unleashed · Hells Unleashed
Blood Ritual
Samael · Blood Ritual
Scissortooth · Scissortooth