Powerchord Episode April 3, 2010

Broadcast on 03-Apr-2010 METAL METAL METAL

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Yup... tons of METAL!!!

Track Listing:

World Painted Blood
Slayer · World Painted Blood
Slayer · Undisputed Attitude
Epidemic/Post Mortem
Slayer · Reign in Blood
Shores of the Long Forgotten
Horde of Anachron · Aeon of Damnation
Indefinate Culprit
Cyborg · The Last Thing You'll See
Sewers of Doom
Rumplelstiltskin Grinder · Living for Death, Destroying the Rest
Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
Skeleton Witch · Beyond the Permafrost
Emodiment of Jealousy
Defiled · Ugliness Revealed
Crawlspace · Enter the Realms of Chaos
Holy Grail · Improper Burial
Ether Rag/Instantly Bent
Man is the Bastard · Fiesta Comes Alive
Born to Crush You
Icepick · UFC Ulimate Beatdown
Tear it Down
DRI · Crossover - Remastered
I am in Command
Annihilator · Live at Masters of Rock
We Will Prevail
Sacrifice · The Ones I condemn
Death of an Anarchist
Cathedral · The Guessing Game
The Last Song
Poisonblack · Of Rust and Bones