Powerchord Episode October 24, 2009

Broadcast on 24-Oct-2009

1:00pm - 3:00pm

An absolute ton of metal!

Track Listing:

Gun Control
DRI · Thrash Zone
Children of Bodom · Skeletons in The Closet
Snake Fighter
3 Inches of Blood · Here Waits Thy Doom
God Phones
Voivod · Infini
Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?
Austrian Death Machine · Double Brutal
March to Global Enslavement
Job for a Cowboy · Ruination
Human Scum
Bombnation · HAZMAT
Blood On Your Parade
Illdisposed · To Those Who Walk Behind Us
Metal On Metal
Anvil · Metal On Metal
Bombs Away
Anvil · This is Thirteen
Tonight We're Gonna Rock You Night
Spinal Tap · s/t
Starting Over
Killswitch Engage · s/t
In Sickness and Death
Pestilence · Ressurection Macabre
IN the Eyes of Tyranny
Submission · Code of Conspiracy
Be the Seeker
Led Astray · In Ways Unforseen
Fire Inside
Eyes of Fire · Prisons
Gomorrah Gold
Iron Man · I Have Returned
Electric Funeral
Black Sabbath · Paranoid
Eating The Cannibals
Heaven & Hell · The Devil You Know
Red Blood, Cold Steel
Black Moor · The Conquering
Eat What You Kill
Unleash the Archers · Behold the Devestation
Hardground · s/t
A Defining Moment
Malefaction · Crush the Dreams
Iron Maiden · Flight 666