Powerchord Episode August 22, 2009

Broadcast on 22-Aug-2009

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Here's this week's playlist for Aug 22nd,2009

Artist-Song Title-Album-Label

GEOFF Burst-Hold Vertigo (Lazarus) Relapse
Forbidden-Feed The hand (Distortion) bmg/gun
Sound of the Swarm-Transfering machines (S.O.T.S.) (independent)
Dark Tranquility-Broken (Century media-covering 20yrs of extremes) Century Media

Ron UDO-Speed demon (dominator) afm
Hyades- Alive But dead (Roots Of trash) -mausoleum
Megadeth- 1,320 (Endgame) advance roadrunner
Death Angel-steal the crown (killing Season) Nuclear blast

GEOFF 1349- Sculptor Of Flesh (Hellfire) Candlelight
Ambrosis-They came like wolves (Ambrosis) independent)
Sightless-Beauty lies in blasphemy (larvae of trinity) Stay heavy
Buried Inside- 111 (spoils of failure) relapse

Ron Forbidden-Off the edge (Forbidden evil) combat/under one flag
Saxon-Street fighting man (wheels of steel) emi
F.K.U.- Agent amy Steel (Sometimes they come back to mosh) head mechanic records
Holocaust-forcedown breakdown (Live , hot curry & wine) Neat

GEOFF She said Destroy-shape shifter (times like vines) tabu
Congress-tough economic times (demo 09) indi

RON Sacrifice-Give me justice( The ones I condemn) marquee
Nevermore-poison god machine (dreaming neon black) century media
Exodus- Thrash under Pressure (Impact is imminent) capital

Track Listing:

I Hold Vertigo
Burst · Lazarus Bird
Feed The Hand
Forbidden · Distortion
Transferring Machines
Sound Of The Swarm · Sound Of The Swarm
Broken (SENTENCED Cover)
Dark Tranquillity · Covering 20 Years Of Extremes
Speed Demon
U.D.O. · Dominator
Alive But Dead
Hyades · Roots of Trash
Megadeth · Endgame
Steal The Crown
Death Angel · Killing Season
Sculptor of Flesh
1349 · Hellfire
They Came Like Wolves
Abriosis · EP
Beauty Lies In Blasphemy
Sightless · Larvae of Trinity
Buried Inside · Spoils Of Failure
Off The Edge
Forbidden · Forbidden Evil
Street Fightingman
Saxon · Wheels Of Steel
Hate Your Guts Love Your Brains
Freddy Krueger's Underwear · Where Moshers Dwell
Forcedown Breakdown
Holocaust · LIVE Hot Curry and Wine
She Said Destroy · Demo 2008
Tough Economic TImes
Congress · DEMO
Give Me Justice
Sacrifice · The Ones I Condemned
Thrash Under Pressure
Exodus · Impact Is Imminent
Poison Godmachine
Nevermore · Dreaming Neon Black