Powerchord Episode August 15, 2009

Broadcast on 15-Aug-2009

1:00pm - 3:00pm

So METAL RON and the METAL PIMP give you a more detailed playlist for this weeks show..... ARTIST/Song title/Album/Label

GEOFF- Forbidden-distortion (distortion) gun/bmg
Killing Culture-and hate (Killing Culture) concrete
Mors principium est- sinners defeat ( Liberation = Termination) listenable
Malignant Monster- thrive in the dark (Inferno Festival promo 2008) prime cuts music

METAL RON- Hyades-the great deceit (Roots of trash) mausoleum
Abbatoir-creams From the grave (Vicious attack) century media
Kreator-Escalation (Hordes of chaos) steamhammer/spv usa
Flotsam & jetsam- Iron Tears (Doomsday for the deceiver) metal blade
GEOFF-Insahn-Invocation( The adversary) Candlelight usa
Daemonolith-the arrival (By order of decimation) darkland records
She Said Destroy-this city speaks in tongues (this city speaks in tongues) tabu recordings
Scarve-alteration (the undercurrent) listenable
RON-Tankard-.g.o.l.o.w. (thirst) afm
Paradox- crusaders of war (heresy) afm
Grief of war-into the void (Worship) prosthetic
Exciter-Long live the loud(long live the loud) massacre

GEOFF- behemoth-he who breeds pestilence (evangelion) nuclear blast/metal blade
Wolves in the throne room-ex cathedra (Black cascade) southern lord

METAL RON-Chris caffery-House of insanity(house of insanity) metal heaven
Forbidden-step by step (Twisted into form) nuclear blast

Track Listing:

Forbidden · Distortion
And Hate
Killing Culture · Killing Culture
Sinners Defeat
Mors Principium Est · LIberation = Termination
Thrive in the Dark
Malignant Monster · Demo
The Great Deceit
Hyades · The Roots of Thrash
Screams From The Grave
Abattoir · Vicious Attack
Kreator · Hordes of Chaos
Iron Tears
Flotsam & Jetsam · Doomsday For The Deceiver
Ihsahn · The Adversary
The Arrival
Daemonolith · Demo 2008 Part 1
This City Speaks In Tongues
She Said Destroy · Promo 2008
Scarve · The Undercurrent
Tankard · Thirst
Crusaders Of Revenge
Paradox · Heresy
long live the loud
exciter · long live the loud
Into The Void
Grief Of War · Worship
He Who Breeds Pestilence
Behemoth · Evangelion
Ex Cathedra
Wolves In The Throne Room · Black Cascade
House Of Insanity
Chris Caffery · House Of Insanity
Step By Step
Forbidden · Twisted Into Form