Powerchord Episode July 25, 2009

Broadcast on 25-Jul-2009

1:00pm - 3:00pm

On this week's show, Metal Ron and yours truly, The Metal Pimp bringing the noise w/ Limbonic Art,Blessing The Hogs,Artillery,Vancouver's newbies CONGRESS, She Said Destroy and some new stuff from INSOMNIUM(Album due Sept 7th) and BEHEMOTH(Album due(Aug 7th). And also some Heaven & Hell, Maiden and a few other gems.

Track Listing:

Sacrifice · The Ones We Condemn
Indien de Demain
Satan Jokers · SJ 2009
Tears Of Redemption
Mortal Sin · An Absence Of Faith
Ten Thousand Devils
Artillery · When Death Comes
Down With The Sun
Insomnium · Across The Dark
A Demonoid Virtue
Limbonic Art · In Abhorrence Dementia
Behemoth · Evageline
Tourrettes · EP
I Got The Fire (Cover)
Iron Maiden · Best Of The B-Sides
Limb From Limb
Motorhead · Overkill (Deluxe edition)
Anthrax · Music Of Mass Destruction
Would? (Cover)
Opeth · Watershed(Bomus)
The Decline And The Fall
Eryn Non Dae · Hydra Lernaia
Congress · EP
Botched Messiah
Blessing The Hogs · The Twelve Guage Solution
Time Like Vines
SheSaidDestroy · Demo2008
Cypress Grove
Clutch · Live In Flint,Michigan
Clutch · Strange Cousins From The West
The Birthing
Baronness · Red album
Heaven and Hell · The Devil You Know
Against TheStream
Insomnium · Across The Dark