Powerchord Episode July 18, 2009

Broadcast on 18-Jul-2009

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Metal Ron and the Metal Pimp bring some audio assault from Raven, Annihilator, Sound Of The Swarm, In Mourning, U.D.O.,Death Angel and a few other culprits.

Track Listing:

Infected Nation
Evile · Infected Nation
U.D.O. · Infected
Kaptain Krude
Galactic Cowboys · Galactic Cowboys
Crown Of Thorns
Tenet · Sovereign
Enslaved · Vertebrae
Age Of Mothers (Bonus)
Moonspell · Night Eternal
The Origins Of Sin
Gloria Morti · Eryx
a halo askew
nonexist · deus deceptor
Mistress Of Pain
Death Angel · Sonic Beatdown (Live)
The Bleeding Baroness
Candlemass · Death Magic Doom
Ultra Motion
Annihilator · Waking The Fury
Message In Blood
Whiplash · Power and Pain
Sound Of The Swarm · Sound Of The Swarm
Ancestry Of The Antichrist
Byzantine · And They Shall Take Up Serpents
Abriosis · Abriosis
No God
Darkest Hour · The Eternal Return
Your Omen
Neurasthenia · Your Omen
The Ones I codemned
Sacrifice · The Ones I codemned
Thrash Is Back
Fueled By Fire · Spread The Fire
Against The Grain
Raven · Walk Through Fire
Lifeline Lost
The Great Deceiver · Life Is Wasted On The Living
In Mourning · The Shrouded Divine