Powerchord Episode June 27, 2009


1:00pm - 3:00pm

All genres of Metal under one roof...if you care about genres at all! Dismember, A TextBookTragedy, Abriosis, Amorphis, ISIS, Architects(UK), Infernal Torment, and tons of other heavy(or insert favourite genre here) bands...

Track Listing:

The Ocean · Precambrian
20 Minutes/40 Years
ISIS · Wavering Radiant
A Portrait In White
Daylight Dies · Lost To The Living
Godlike Machine
Amorphis · Skyforger
From The Depths
Yyrkoon · Unhealthy Opera
Dodheimsgard(DHG) · Supervillain Outcast
Let The Napalm Rain
Dismember · Death Metal
Seventh Son Of A Seven Son (Maiden cover)
Infernal Torment · Birthrate Zero
Last Weeks Minutes From The Meeting Of The Secret Society Of Your Friends Who Ac
Drowningman · Rock n Roll Killing Machine
Diary Of A Piss Drinker
Labrat · Ruining It For Everyone
Hollow Inside
Fear My Thoughts · The Great Collapse
Crisis · Deathshead Extermination
Architecture Of An Anomaly
Abriosis · EP
Buried Inside · Spoils Of Failure
Stillborn Omen
Ost Est Ima · A Few For The Dead
White Lightning
A Text Book Tragedy · Rain City State Of Mind
They Came Like Wolves
Abriosis · EP
Wear These Scars Of Testimony
Goatwhore · A Haunting Curse
Programmed To Consumed
Abysmal Dawn · Programmed To Consumed
Against The Gods
Keep Of Kalessin · Kolossus
Reborn In Greed
Darkane · Demonic Art
Officer Down
Architects · Covering 20 Years of Extreme Century Media