Powerchord Episode June 6, 2009

Andy Grotesque's last show for awhile. Geoff the Metal Pimp will be back next week!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Brand new for Powerchord this week: Korgull the Exterminator, Absu, Icon in Me, Sacred Crucifix... and other cool tunes by National Suicide, Submission, Savior from Anger, Judas Priest...

I fine mix indeed. POWERCHORD!!

Track Listing:

Voivod · War and Pain
Sensless Life
Warbringer · Waning into Nightmare
Morbid Angel · Blessed are the Sick
Dear Brother
Gravemaker · Bury Me at Sea
Skin Job
Gallactus · Nine Miles Woods
Seemingly Endless Time
Death Angel · Sonic German Beatdown: Live in Germany
In the Eyes of Tryanny
Submission · Code of Conspiracy
I Defy
Konkhra · Nothing is Sacred
Brtual Truth · Evolution Through Revolution
Savior From Anger · Lost in the Darkness
Dream a Dream
Pylon · Doom
Possessed by Evil Force
Executioner · Arrival of the Executioner
Sacred Crucifix · Shallow Grave
From Hell
Korgull the Exterminator · Dogs of War
Turn the Dead On
Icon in Me · Human Museam
Absu · Absu
Down my Throat
Fistfuck · Rockn'Roll Nightmare
Mastadon · Crack the Skye
Sucks 'N Artillery
National Suicide · The Old Family is Still Alive
Total Volkermord
Ad Hominem · Dicator
Break Stuff
Limp Bizkit · Greatest Hits
System of a Down · s/t
Electric Eye
Judas Priest · The Essential
Tard · Disgorging Gutturall Reguritation
Grandmas Gift
Tard · Disgorging Gutturall Regurgation