Powerchord Episode May 30, 2009

A barrage of metal!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

New stuff by Warbringer! Also tunes by Chimaira, Witheria, Gorguts, Voivod... It's all metal! More more more!!

Track Listing:

Venom · 7" Single
Hammer of Doom
Candlemass · Death Magic Doom
Drunk in Control
Bomnation · HAZMAT
Destroy and Dominate
Chimaira · The Infection
Bolt · Behind the Bstacles Lies Truth
Abandoned by Time
Warbringer · Waning into Nightmares
The Doom
Gallactus · Nine Mile Woods
Shooting Blanks
Tard · Disgorging Guttaral Regugitations
Malvolence · s/t
Walk Alone
God Forbid · Earthsblood
That Old Black Majick Spell
Unlight · Death Consecrates with Blood
Dead Harvest
This Ending · Dead Harvest
The Erosion of Sanity
Gorguts · The Erosion of Sanity
Unearthing the Bast
Gorguts · From Wisdom to Hate
Brain Scan
Voivod · Dimension Hatross
Tortured Spawn
Witheria · Painful Escape
Evolution Through Revolution
Brutal Truth · Evolution Through Revolution
7% Grind
Fistfuck · Rock 'n Roll Nightmare
The Meat Factory
Chainsaw · Metal Missionary
Lord Of Hate
Death Angel · Killing Season
World Agony
Immolation · Shadows in the Light
Death Incarnate
Death Angel · Sonic German Beatdown, Live in Germany
Train Suicide Aftermath
Fetus Grinder · Terror in the Womans Clinic
Forever Enslaved
Sacrifice · Forward to Termination