Powerchord Episode May 23, 2009

Today's 2:00 Grotesque Set:, spotlight on Japanese Metal

1:00pm - 3:00pm


Track Listing:

City Beneath the Surface
Savatage · The Dungeons are Calling
Thrashing Your Brain
Aggression · Thrashing Your Brain
We Hate Everyone
Type O Negative · Bloody Kisses
Black Moon
Tyranny · Shadows of Leng
Angel Of Death
Slayer · Reign In Blood
Queensryche · The Warning
Hundred Mile Stare
Queensryche · American Soldier
Locust Noose
Gallactus · Nine MIle Woods
Reign of Terror
Medevil Kills · s/t
Time Heals Nothing
Grave Maker · Bury Me At Sea
Brain Suicide Aftermath
Fetus Grinder · Terror at the Womans Clinic
Heavy Metal Ironfists
Metal Lucifer · Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Evil Nations
Sabbat · Envenom
Inked in Blood
Sigh · Hangman's Hymn
No Way Out
Loudness · Thunder in the East
Subatomic Holocaust
Dodsangel · myspace
Primative Killing
Sarke · Vorunah
Determent Infilatration
Submission · Code of Conspiracy
No Second Thoughts
Led Astray · In Ways Unforseen
Lamb Of God · Wrath
Architect of Pain
Exodus · Force of Habit