Powerchord Episode April 25, 2009

Kreator, Exodus, Belphegor and Warbringer hangover show!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

A tired Andy Grotesque brings you all kinds of metal focusing on thrash and some classic Canadian bands.

Track Listing:

Hate Eternal · Fury & Flames
Slayer · Show No Mercy
My Guardian Angel
Place Vendome · Streets of Fire
Judas Priest · The Essential J.P.
Death Consecrates w/Blood
Unllight · Death Consecrates with Blood
Bonded By Blood
Exodus · Bonded By Blood
Prey For Death
Warbringer · Limited Edition Rough Mix
Hordes oF Chaos
Kreator · Hordes oF Chaos
Bonded By Blood
Exodus · Let There Be Blood
Blood Angel
Wolf · Ravenous
Metal On Metal
Anvil · Metal On Metal
Beyond the Gates of Doom
Exciter · Long Live the Loud
Time Bomb
Razor · Executioners Song
Seeds of Suffering
Suffocation · The Best of...
Heavy Metal Mountain
Metalucifer · Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Sucks 'n Artillery
National Suicide · This Old Family is Still Alive
Swarm of the Rats
Belphegor · myspace
Throughout Time
God Forbid · Earthsblood
Aborted Fetal Excrement
Fetus Grinder · Terror in the Womans Clinic