Powerchord Episode April 18, 2009

POWERCHORD w/ The Metal Pimp

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Lots of new and unreleased materials on this show....Devin Townsend's new baby "Ki", Heaven&Hell,Terror Syndrome, Mastodon,God Forbid, Kreator,Exodus and tons more....Keeping the evil in music since...a very long time ago. Enjoy!!!!

Track Listing:

Hordes oF Chaos
Kreator · Hordes oF Chaos
Bonded By Blood
Exodus · Let There Be Blood
Mastodon · Crack The Skye
DoomMaker(Old Man'sChild Cover)
Zimmers Hole · Covering 20 Years of Extreme
The Wanderer
A Life Once Lost · Iron Gag
I exterminate I
Burst · Lazarus Bird
Day Twenty Eight- Targets
Trap Them · Seizures In Barren Praise
Fuck The Facts · Disgorge Mexico
Darkane · Demonic Art
Wolf Down The Earth
Gojira · The Way Of All Flesh
Spinning Backwards
Terror Syndrome · Terror Syndrome
Devin Townsend Project · Ki
The Law Of Falling Bodies
Kris Norris Projekt · Icons Of The Illogical
No More Beating As One
Sentenced · Crimson
Obscura · Cosmogenesis
Hymns To Thee
Rudra · The Aryan Crusade
black hearts now reign
unearth · the oncoming storm
Killing Season
Testament · The Formation Of Damnation
Eating The Cannibals
Heaven & Hell · The Devil You Know
Hammer Of Doom
Candlemass · Death,Magic,Doom
Absolute Misanthropy
Kreator · Hordes Of Chaos
Enslaved · Vertebrae
God Forbid · Earthsblood
Called by The Fire
Ihsahn · The Adversary