Powerchord Episode April 11, 2009

Broadcast on 11-Apr-2009

1:00pm - 3:00pm


Track Listing:

Breaking Out
King Kobra · Ready to Strike
Morning After Kill
Fetus Grinder · Terror in the Woman's Clinic
The Spaying Seance
Aborted · Slaughter and Apparatus
Heathen Tribes
Primordial · To the Nameless Dead
Into the Clubhouse
National Suicide · The Old Family is Still Alive
To Our Ashes
Agathodamon · Phoenix
Kingdom of Decay
Witchmaster · Violence & Blashphemy
Attraction Deforms Invovlement
Golers · 2nd Generation
Heavy Metal Demons
Metalucifer · Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Solitary Supremacy
Ad Hominem · Dictator
Last Warning · Thoughout Time
Religion is a Whore
Konhra · Nothing is Sacred
This Ending · Dead Harvest
Becoming the Ungodly Sin
Unlight · Death Concecrates with Blood
Graveyard Ghouls
Tribulation · The Horror
The Soul Ebbing Away
Detrimentum · A Monument to the Suffering
Dero II
Fistfuck · Rock'n'Roll Nightmare
Hymns of Deception
Dead Jesus · Let Them Suffer
A Dead Man's Last Words
Queensryche · American Soldier