Powerchord Episode April 4, 2009

All brand new releases for 2009!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Doom, Sludge, Thrash, Death, Black... it's all metal!!

Track Listing:

Man Down!
Queensryche · American Soldier
Pylon · Doom
The Czar
Mastadon · Crack the Skye
Grind Fidelity
Brutal Truth · Evolution Through Revolution
Altered Mind
Witheria · Painful Escape
La Black Metal
FistFuck · Rock'n'Roll Nightmare
The Hive
In Flames · Whoracle - Reloaded
Dodsangel · Helgrind Demo 2009
Saints of Blasphemy
Angel Corpse · Of Lucifer and Lightning
Third Trimest Holocaust
Fetus Grinder · Terror in the Women's Clinic
Hatesphere · To the Nines
Retribution in Blood
Unanimated · In the Light of Darkness
Led Astray · In Ways Unforeseen
Heavy Sex Maniac
Chainsaw · Metal Missionary
In Time
Blackguard · Profugus Mortis
Unbroken Silence
Dark the Suns · All Ends in Silence
Caught in a Battle
Doro · Fear No Evil