Powerchord Episode March 21, 2009

A massive dose of new metal! Plus a spotlight on the Dayglo Abortions!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

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Track Listing:

Shout At The Devil
Motley Crue · Shout At The Devil
Witch Finder General · Death Penalty
My Sharona
Hamerfall · No Sacrifice No Victory
Kill for Metal
Iron Fire · To the Grave
Torian · Thunder Times
And Now...
Tepalium · XIII
Ace of Spades
Motorhead · Ace of Spades
Demons Gate
Candlemass · Lucifer Rising
Vae Victis · Black Fuck Thrash Metal
Static-X · Cult of Static
After Every Setting Sun
September Murder · Agony in Flesh
Scared of People
Dayglo Abortions · Out of the Womb
Acting Like Black Sabbath
Dayglo Abortions · Out of the Womb
Fuck my Shit Stinks
Dayglo Abortions · Stupid World Stupid Songs
Nicky Dial
Dayglo Abortions · Little Man in the Canoe
Dysfunctional Family
Dayglo Abortions · Corporate Whores
Oh Wendy Oh
Dayglo Abortions · Death Race 2000
The Jack
Dayglo Abortions · A Punk Tribute to AC/DC
Pain & Pleasure
Crucified Barbara · Til Death Do Us Part
Die By My Hand
Styricon · The Age of Nero
The 13th Caesar
Cradle of Filth · Godspeed on the Devils Thunder
Thor · Triumphant
Tell me Lies
Thor · Keep the Dogs Away
Total Command
Ancient Dome · Human Key
Born from Pain · Survival