Powerchord Episode February 21, 2009

Powerchord with Cam Mayhem

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Local, Underground, and 80's Heavy Metal for nearly 3 hours!

Track Listing:

Fast and Deadly
Maniac · Fast and Deadly
Treasuer Chest
Helloween · The Chance
Motorhead · Rock Out
Angel Witch
Angle Witch · Baphomet
Kick Axe · Cause for Alarm
Unveiling the Wicked
Exciter · Die in the Night
Tokyo Blade
Layin Down the Law
Cloven Hoof
Evidence in Safety
Magnus Rising · COunting the Numbers
The Clairvoyant
Iron Maiden · Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Forever Tonight
Pantera · I am the Night
Street Lethal
Racer X · Street Lethal
I Am Alive
Antiquus · Eleutheria
London Leatherboys
Accept · Balls to the Wall
Rite Heavy Metal
Goat Horn · Storming the Gates
Lust for Freedom
Grim Reaper
Light From Above
Black Tide · Light From Above
March of the Inquisitors
Archon Legion · Second Album (unreleased)
Welcome to Hell
Venom · Welcome to Hell
Whyte Hott · Asbalt EP
Chained Up In Chains
Cauldron · Chained to the Nite
No False Metal
Skull Fist · No False Metal
Death · Pull The Plug
White Tiger
Armour · Sonichouse Tapes
Seventh Dawn
Twilightning · Delerium Veil
Blood in the Trenches
Onslaught · Demo
Live Wire
Motley Crue · Too Fast For Love
Night Rider
Pagan Altar · Pagan Altar
Love Machine
W.A.S.P. · W.A.S.P.
Heavy Fucking Metal
30 Years Too Late... · 30 Years Too Late...