Powerchord Episode December 27, 2008

27th Dec MMVIII

1:00pm - 3:00pm

The last Powerchord for '08!!! We bring you tunes from Grave Digger, Pityful Reign,Candlemass,TrapThem, Enslaved, Eldridge,Meshuggah and more Cynic and Swallow The Sun. We also pay our respects to our fallen brothers in Metal:Dimebag and Chuck Schuldiner.R.I.P!!

Until '09...enjoy the show.

Track Listing:

Into The War
Grave Digger · Ballad Of A Hang-Man
Lamb Of God · Wrath
Visual Violence
Pityful Reign · Visual Violence
Book Of Heavy Metal
Arch Enemy · CM Compilation
Everything is Fading
Warrel Dane · Praises to the war machine
Woke Up Lost
Daylight Dies · Lost To The Living
Evolutionary Sleeper
Cynic · Traced In Air
Swallow The Sun · Plague Of Butterflies EP
Primal Emptiness
Bison BC · Quiet Earth
Riot Of Red
Terror Syndrome · Terror Syndrome
Ready To Fight
Anvil · This Is Thirteen
Emperor Of The Void
Candlemass · Lucifer Rising EP
Pantera · Cowboys From Hell
Flattening OF Emotions
Death · Human
Meshuggah · Obzen
Toxic Garbage Island
Gojira · The Way Of All Flesh
Global Warning
Jon Oliva's Pain · Global Warning
Grave Digger · Ballad Of A Hang-Man
Script For My Requiem
Blind Guardian · Live
Blackend Day
Eldridge · Live Quake
Day Twenty Six: Angles Anonymous In Transit
Trap Them · Seizures In Barren Praise
The Watcher
Enslaved · Vertebrae