Powerchord Episode December 20, 2008

Metal Ron and the Metal Pimp assault your senses....

1:00pm - 3:00pm

New tunes from reformed thrashes like Laaz Rockit,Cynic,Sepultura,StormWarrior,Enslaved et al and newbies like Burst,Disfear,Between The Buried And Me and lots more...Enjoy teh tunes and the holidays....

Track Listing:

Get It Off
Disfear · Live The Storm
The Essence
The Cold Existence · The Essence
World To Dominate
Atakhama · Existence Indifferent
Burst · Prey On Life
Sepultura · A-Lex
Hordes oF Chaos
Kreator · Hordes oF Chaos
Jato Unit
Jeff Loomis · Zero Order Phase
Brain Wash
Laaz Rocket · Left For Dead
The Space For This
Cynic · Traced In Air
Viridian/White Walls
Between The Buried And Me · Colors (LIVE Dvd)
Serpent Hearted Man
Blaze Bayley · The Men Who Would Not Die
Remember The Oathe
StormWarrior · Heading Northe
Carnage Carnival
Memory Garden · Carnage Carnival
The Plague Called Man
Helstar · The King of Hell
The Watcher
Enslaved · Vertebrae
Welcome Whore
Insense · The Silent Epedemic
No Return
Fuck The Facts · Disgorge Mexico
Out Of This Gloomy Light
Swallow The Sun · Plague Of Butterflies EP
Meet Your Maker
Metal Church · This Present Wasteland