Powerchord Episode December 13, 2008


1:00pm - 3:00pm

Wow, after months of absence not only is the Metal Pimp back but so is Metal Ron for this week's show....enjoy the tunes from new releases by KREATOR,SHADOW,DESTRUCTION,CYNIC,ENSLAVED,DARKANE,TRINACRIA,CHRIS CAFFERY and tons of other quality bands.

Track Listing:

Amok Run
Kreator · Hordes Of Chaos
Destruction · D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
I Am The Dog
Nevermore · The Year Of The Voyager
Black & White
Loudness · Metal Mad
The Unknown Guest
Cynic · Traced In Air
A Subtle Violence
Daylight Dies · Lost To The Living
Wolf Down The Earth
Gojira · The Way Of All Flesh
Burst · Lazarus Bird
Hell's Breath
Exodus · Let There Be Blood
This Is Thirteen
Anvil · This Is Thirteen
Blood Religion
Gamma Ray · Hell Yeah The Awesome Trio
Big Brother
Chris Caffery · House Of Insanity
Enslaved · Vertebrae
Fuck The Facts · Disgorge Mexico
We Are Not Anonymous
Unearth · The March
Make No Mistake
Trinacria · Travel Now Journey Infinitely
Land Of A Dream
Shadow · Forever Chaos
Warpath · Damnation
Demonic Art
Darkane · Demonic Art
Everything is Fading
Warrel Dane · Praises to the war machine