Powerchord Episode October 25, 2008

Broadcast on 25-Oct-2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Judas Priest · Nostrodums
Spiritual Law/Mr. Freeze
Slayer · Undisputed Attitude
La Faim Du Monde
Disagree · Montreals Crust Fucks
...and the Word Was War
Undevine · A Decitful Calm
Down Jack
Peruke · Please.. Mess w Texas
Slayer · Undisputed
The Insight and Catharsis
Dimmu Borgir · The Invaluable Darkness
Rika Javel
Avskum · Upproar
De Mysterlis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem · From the Darkest Past
Primal Emptiness of Outer Space
Bison BC · Quiet Earth
Murder Reality
Disrepute · Hunting the Scum
Future Corpses
Iron Lung · Sexless//No Sex
Nuclear War
Voivod · War and Pain
Carl Panzram
Dahmer · split w/Denak
43 Secundos
Sick Terror · split w/World Burns to Death
Swallow the Needle
Acid Drinkers · Verses of Steel
Aaritila · ...Ennen
Play for Keeps II: Texas Blood Money
Destroy the Colosssus · Centuries
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Black Sabbath · s/t
The Unfogiven III
Metallica · Death Magnetic
Hypodermic Midnight Snack
Flostsam an Jetsam · Cuatro
Are you Mental
Disembowel · Symtoms of Decline
The Evil Has Landed
Testament · The Formation of the Damnation
Rat Bastards
Rat Bastards · Subvert and Deny