Powerchord Episode August 16, 2008

Broadcast on 16-Aug-2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

The new: Abort, The End, Exciter (new stuff!), Reapers, After the Burial...

The old: Tokyo Blade, Voi Vod, Destruction...

Track Listing:

Sotatila Tappaa
Sotatila · EEPEE
Sotatila · EEPEE
Sotatila · EEPEE
Sotatila · EEPEE
Terror of the North East
Black SS · Terror of the North East
Iron Lung · SexlessNo Sex
Unsensitive Skin
Legion · Mind Training
Gun Control
DRI · Thrash Zone
Fading Away
Reapers · World in Chains
Slayer & Ice T · Judgement Night ST
Unleash the Beast
Tokyo Blade · Night of the Blade
In Distress
The End · Elementary
Svartsot · Ravnenes Saga
Thrash Speed Burn
Exciter · Thrash Speed Burn
As Death Lingers
Kataklysm · Prevail
Odious Emanation
Aborted · Slaughter & Apparatus a Methodical Overture
Mold on Rye
Luciferian Conquest · Demo 2008
Mad Butcher
Destruction · ?
Cleansed by Silence
Ion Dissonance · Solace
Skeletons in the Closet
Infernal Majesty · None Shall Defy
Storm the Gates
Hatchet · Thrash Metal Warriors
Retry? Abort? Ignore?
Martyr · Warp Zone
Killing Technology
Voivod · Killing Technology
Leather & Metal
Cast Iron · Leather & Metal
The Disease
Heaven Shall Burn · Iconoclast
After the Buruial · Rareform
Party with God
Sacrilege B.C. · Peace Through Chemistry