Powerchord Episode May 10, 2008

May 10th 2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

More new tunes from the upcoming OPETH release'Watershed'(due June 3rd),Warrel Dane-Praises to the War Machine(May 13th)...more from some STAYHEAVYRECORDS roster and interviews w/ local boys LAST PLAGUE and LEFT SPINE DOWN....

Track Listing:

Reinventing the Noose
Himsa · Reinventing the Noose
Dangers Of The Faithless
Testament · The Formation Of Damnation
Swallow The Sun · Hope
Fear Me
Before The Dawn · Deadlight
A TextBook Tragedy · Intimidator
Sound Of The Swarm · Sound Of The Swarm
Hessian Peel
Opeth · Watershed(promo)
A Methodical Overture
Aborted · Slaughter&Apparatus :A Methodical Overture
Blessed Are the dead
Megadeth · United Abomintion
In Flames · The Mirror's Truth
Piss and Cider
Last Plague · Last Plague(EP)
Fighting For Voltage
Left Spine Down · Fighting For Voltage
High Horse
Last Plague · Last Plague(EP)
Last Daze
Left Spine Down · Fighting For Voltage
The Coke
Last Plague · Last Plague(EP)
Hang Up
Left Spine Down · Fighting For Voltage
Phoenix Caged In Flesh
Gloria Morti · Eryx
Sun Of Nothing
Betrween The Buried And Me · Colors
Warrel Dane · Praises To The War Machine