Powerchord Episode April 5, 2008

Broadcast on 05-Apr-2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

A crapload of CD's released in March 2008. New new new!

Track Listing:

Fastway · All Fired Up
Palms Read
Protest the Hero · Fortress
Forced Deals
Religious War · Cracked System
More Blood is Shed
Heresey · Never Healed
Brutality and Corruption
Accused · split w/ Morphius
Annihilator · Metal
Mythical Beast · The Cheapest Kind of Chaos
Carnival Justice
Death Angel · Killing Season
Ei/Oikeus Vaita
Sotatila · Propaganda is Hippies
Mold on Rye
Luciferian Conquest · Demo 2008
Replacement Life
Face Down Hero · Where all/t Anger Grows
Battletorn · Terminal Down
Very Important Pointless
Destrage · Urban Being
The Judas in Me
Saint · Crime Scene Earth
Dyslexic in my Dreams
A Well Thought Tragedy · The Persona
In Twilight
Man with Target · Speaking Bitterness
Babel's Gates
Septicflesh · Communion
Yesterday's Song
C-T Prevail · Mean Season
Dark Bell
Gospel of the Future · s/t
Ex Inferis · Hidjama
Pain for Sale
Idols are Dead · Mean
Black Samurai
Cheech · Ante Up
Dead Luck
Shotgun Therapy · 40 Birds
Drugs for Breakfast
Trigger Effect · Dare to Ride t Heliocraft
Dichondra Frontier
Batoche · Terra Incognita
Warrior's Reprise
Thor · Into the Noise