Powerchord Episode December 8, 2007

Broadcast on 08-Dec-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

New stuff by Bison, To the Lions, Mythical Beast, Cephalic Carnage, The Red Chord, Assassination...

Track Listing:

Wife of the Devil
Iron Angel · Hellish Crossfire
Never Sell Out
Exploited · Fuck the System
Bison · Earthbound
Mind Eraser
Municipal Waste · VA Louder than Hell
Armor of God
To the Lions · Baptism of Fire
Fight · K5-the War of Words
Whiskey War
Alabama Thunderpussy · Open Fire
Men Without God
Kreator · Cause for Conflict
Terrorist Attack
Sudden Impact · No Rest for the Wicked
Note to Self
Batoche · Terra Incognita
Go Into the Water
Dethklok · The Dethalbum
The Boys r up to no Good
Mystical Beast · The Cheapest Kind of Chaos
empty words
death · symbolic
Razor · Open Hostility
The Humbler
Gross Misconduct · Procession of Indoctrination
Kings of Metal
Manowar · Gods of War Live
Drawn and Quartered
DRI · Full Speed Ahead
Sodomize the Dead
Piledriver · Metal Inquisition
Cephalic Carnage · Xenosapien
Dark Forces
Mystic Prophecy · Satanic Curses
Sickness is Health
Impaled · The Last Grasp
It Came from Over There
The Red Chord · Prey for Eyes
Assassination · Decivilise
Order of the Rose
Iced Earth · Framing Armageddon
Blasphemy · Fallen Angel of Doom
Death Trap
Destruction · Thrash Anthems
Couple Suicide
Annihilator · Metal
Fuck It All
Death Before Dishonor · Count Me In
War Ensemble
Slayer · Season't in the Abyss