Powerchord Episode December 1, 2007

Broadcast on 01-Dec-2007

2:00pm - 3:00pm

New stuff by Megadeth, Immolation, Pig Destroyer, Desecration... An hour show from 2:00 - 3:00

Track Listing:

Mythical Beast · The Cheapest Kind of Chaos
Passion Kill
Immolation · Shadows In the Light
Stuck Pig
Benumb · Sould of the Martyr
Hell Catcher
7000 Dying Rats · Forced Boat
Something that i'm not
Megadeth · That One Night
Megadeth · United Abominations
Stayin' Alive
Anal Cunt · top 40 Hits
ride in the Sky
Trouble · Simple Mind Condition
Burst Command til War
Sodom · The Final Sign of Evil
Human Gore
Desecration · Gore and Perversion 2
Demon's Blade
3 Inches Of Blood · Fire Up The Blades
Nuclear War
Voivod · War and Pain
Gross Misconduct · The Process of Indoctrination
Topic of the Day
Malefaction · Crush the Dream
Heathen Temple
Pig Destroyer · Phantom Limb
Does the Path of Glory
Downpour · Your Scene Sucks VA
Caveat · RED