Powerchord Episode May 26, 2007

26th May '07

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Some consider it too extreme, others think it's not heavy enough....oh well..listen in and be the judge.... more tunes from Dark Tranquillity, Susperia, Aborym, Anathema, Reflux,Skinlab,Devin Townsend et al. Either you're into it or not!!!!!

Track Listing:

Torn Apart
Blood Tsunami · Thrash Metal
Endgame I
Soulscar · Endgame
Ocean Planet
Gojira · From Mars to Sirius
arch enemy · doomsday machine
Empty Me
Dark Tranquillity · Fiction
The Sinister Awakening
Dimmu Borgir · In Sorte Diaboli
Counting Black Sheep
Angel Grinder · I'll Wait till you bleed
The New Black Death
HellPromise · Aim For Hell
The Vile Delinquents
Dodheimsgard · Supervillain Outcast
Blood Tells
Moonspell · Memorial
Bubonic Plague
Xasthur · Xasthur
on the rocks
punchdrunk · more than metal
Drawn to black
Insomnium · Above the weeping world
deadly nightshade
swallow the sun · the morning never came
Disgust and Rage
Aborym · Generator
Distant Memory
Susperia · Cut From Stone
Know Your Enemies
Skinlab · Disembody:The Flesh
above the pyramid and the eye
reflux · the illusion of democracy
Lamb Of God · Sacrament
Anathema · A fine day to exit
Ziltoidia attaxx!!!!
Devin Townsend · Ziltoid The Omniscient
The Gathering · Accessories,Rarities & B-Sides
Fragments of Faith
Lacuna Coil · Karmacode