Powerchord Episode April 14, 2007

Broadcast on 14-Apr-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Black Easter Weekend in Oslo,Norway...the Inferno Metalfest- 30 bands in 3 days....what a way to spend Easter....new music from Vreid,In Vain,Iskald and Tulus as well as Blood Tsunami,Susperia,Karkadan,Laethora and Dark Tranquillity.....

Track Listing:

Susperia · Cut From Stone
In The Midnight hour
In Vain · The Latter Rain
Damned In Black
Immortal · Damned In Black
Vendetta assassin
Dodheimsgard · Supervillain Outcast
Song #2
Karkadan · Racing the clock demo
Allow no light
Tulus · Biography Obscene
Rotten sound · Murderworks
Let blood rain
Blood Tsunami · Thrash Metal
Laethora · March of the parasite
Dark Tranquillity · Fiction
Yyrkoon · Unhealthy Opera
Take up serpents
Byzantine · And they shall take up serpents
In shadows and dust(Live)
Kataklysm · Live in Deutschland
The Devil has risen
Unearth · III-In the eyes of fire
Lepers among us
Dimmu Borgir · DeathCult Armageddon
Lacuna Coil · Karmacode
In Motion#1(Live)
The Gathering · Accessories
The End · Elementary
I Krig
Vreid · I Krig
The Shadowland
Iskald · Shades of Misery
Fail to exist
God Dethroned · The toxic touch
Susperia · Cut from stone